Ontario Lumber Mill
Ontario Lumber Mill

Porter Lumber is a family run company that has been in the lumber industry for over sixty years. Specializing in high quality Carolinian  hardwoods, we are able to supply lumber to the markets throughout Ontario, Quebec as well as the Lake States.

With our hands on approach to running our Southern Ontario Logging business we are involved in all aspects of the manufacturing process. It begins with the marking and purchasing of the standing timber to the manufacturing of the end product right on down to the selling of the material. The management team is involved throughout the process. When you deal with Porter Lumber you are dealing with a family-run company that has been in business for three generations.

Check out our products and services:

Green / Hardwood Lumber

Crane Mats and Pads

Wooden Pallets

Custom Pine for Log Homes  


The Emerald Ash Borer has been found in Norfolk County. Porter Lumber is now CFIA compliant to receive Regulated Ash Material from the infected areas of Ontario. For futher information please contact us.

Porter Lumber is now offering Pine for barn siding as well as oak fencing and stall material.  


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